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“Aoun Food”
Colorcode’s creative team helped with the launching of Aoun’s spices bags new image, also with creating packaging materials, exhibition stands, truck’s branding, and much more. We appreciate your support, punctuality, innovation, professionalism, and friendly ambiance. We are delighted with the results. Your great customer service is appreciated and surely recommended!
Rebecca El Kareh - Quality Assurance Manager
It is always a pleasure working with Colorcode team. Easy to communicate with, responsive with next iterations, creative input and neat work.
Lara Tannous – Marketing & HR coordinator
First of all we would like to thank you for the fact that you’ve entrusted us to evaluate your service. We cannot deny that your creativity has made a great contribution to our success. Your services have been nothing but impressive, and your support and friendliness are two main factors to the good relationship we’ve had over the years. There is no words to thank you enough, as your good has exceeded our abilities to express.
Ali Ibrahim - Owner
“Ceviche De La Playa”
Working with Colorcode has been a wonderful experience for us, thanks to them we were able to create the strong and original identity Ceviche De La Playa needed, it is not easy to bring a concept to life, and that what Colorcode did for us.
Ali Awada - Owner
Colorcode is one of our preferred supplier with whom we work extensively on both our retail and distribution operations. Colorcode’s strong points are their consistent top quality along with their full ownership on the projects that they handle from A to Z including on-site visits, simulation & 3D designs, material recommendation and samples preparation. We hope our collaboration will continue to be fruitful and successful in the years to come.
Dona Bardawil - Group Marketing Manager
“Ibra Haddad”
We had the pleasure to find a trustworthy and friendly team who offers beautiful designs, efficiency, and high quality work that is delivered on time. Thanks to Colorcode we have established a corporate identity, real branding for all our products, and a unique image in the eyes of our clients. Definitely recommended.
Layal karam - Head of pharmaceutical dept
We used to face issues with free lancers when achieving requested tasks, and on time submission, but after Colorcode we have been dealing with a serious, creative, and friendly team who delivers quality work on time. We look forward to any future campaign we intend to do.
Roger Hajj – Marketing Coordinator
Odyafy would have never seen the day without the great creativity of Colorcode. The team of Colorcode successfully managed to create the Odyafy Brand from scratch, got involved in every single detail and phase of the project from its design to its production to packaging to exposing it in our boutique until its opening. Colorcode also has assisted in positioning our Brand in the Moroccan Market while keeping in mind exporting the brand in the form of franchise. For me and on behalf of my partner and my team, we will forever be grateful for the hard work, professionalism and creativity that Colorcode team has shown throughout the project period. Without their team Odyafy would have never seen the interest and excitement. that it introduced in the Moroccan Market and soon internationally.... My deepest regards!
Nabil Slitine - Owner
“Sandwich Inc”
Colorcode has been a part of Sandwich Inc since the beginning, and we have established a very friendly and family like relationship. They have repeatedly met my expectations, and always managed to come up with various solutions to any problem incurred. I highly recommend them.
Bachir Hoteit – Owner
“Sawaya holdings”
I learned with Colorcode that while just asking for Graphic Design, you acquire high taste, graphic art, exponential experience, and real professionalism.
Fadi Sawaya – CSO
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